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"Gerald Draws His Teacher" is based on a true story about Jerry  when he was in the third grade at PS 128 in Brooklyn, New York.

Gerald is a boy who loves to draw everything around him. One day he decides he wants to draw his teacher while in school. Of course the teacher sees what he is doing and calls him to the front of the room.


She is amazed at what a good drawing he has done of her, but reminds him he must pay attention in school.

This book teaches children that they must pay attention in school, but also do what they love.

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"Gerald Draws His Friends" is a childrens book about diversity.


Although the book never specifically mentions diversity, the story states it in a defacto way. Kids are carefree and innocent. They find common ground with their friends and never notice the physical differences between them.


Gerald sees the differences in his friends only because he is drawing them.

This book is now available at the studio, you can order it above or on Amazon